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The Lifestyle Clothing Cooperative is a creative retail platform.  
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Luke Attebery

Luke Attebery, Founder, CEO.

Born in Oakland, California, Luke moved to New York during the early nineties. Working in the New York City textile industry, Luke invested his personal funds to launch The Lifestyle Clothing Cooperative in early 2014. Growing up surrounded by artists and innovators, Luke was inspired to build a platform that supported the artists around him.


Barbara Beddouk

Barbara Beddouk, Partner, Art Director, Host. @french.brain

A French native, Barbara is an accredited actress, visual artist, business woman, and socialite in New York City. Barbara has a drive and eye for aesthetic that helps guide the direction and perception of the company. With a business degree in international marketing, Barbara is a key player in the company's development.



Miguel Jordan

Miguel JordanPartner, Art Director, Graphic Artist. @arch_ares

Arch Ares is a visual artist, animator, and musician. A Virginia Beach native, Arch has collaborated with a number of industry professionals. His creative eye lends the team a unique and skillfully produced aesthetic. With a degree in media arts and animation, Arch is a key player in our graphic design department as well as general business direction. 
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