TheKnuBlack - You Belong With Us

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In collaboration with LifestyleTV, TheKnuBlack has released their first 3D animated adventure, "You Belong With Us". Follow KnuOrigen and Kay Sade through an animated journey of friendship, forgiveness and futuristic musical fun. Thank you for watching “You Belong With Us”! Be sure to connect with TKB via the addresses below. Like - Comment - Share - Subscribe =) Download “Blue Gene Origins”: Download “Van Goh”: Purchase "Ohana" on iTunes: Visit TKB's website: Listen to TheKnuBlack on Spotify: Listen to TheKnuBlack SoundCloud: TKB appreciates each and every listener. To all the creative, introverted, introspective Bantus around the world: God bless and Godspeed. Animated by Gabriel Williams: Get to know the minds behind the music! KnuOrigen and Kay Sade are brother and Sister in Christ. They are two young, dedicated and innovative artists ready to do what it takes to set the Hip Hop world on its ear. TheKnuBlack are a couple of creative craniums colliding to bring forth music that is both relevant and uncompromising. As termed by Kay Sade, Knu's "Rap Theatrics" are a whirlwind of sonic innovation in Christian Hip Hop. Fused with Kay Sade's mellow flow, each musical concept has the potential to be as smooth - and swift - as water itself. Refreshing. That's the word. Creative content brought to you by TheKnuBlack © 2018.