Kai Barger… No Wundah!!!

Kai Barger rips!!!

The “Korean Storm” Kai Barger just released a new edit tearing up his native breaks of Maui and it’s getting some momentum on the interweb. Check out some of his airs!!! Kai’s inversions are next level, definitely giving John John Florence a run for his money.

The goofy footer has a great array of incredible surf edits including The Real Korean BBQ and pieces in Attractive Distractions. Although he hadn’t put up many points in the  WQS last year probably because he’s been grinding out sick video parts, Kai is at the top of our list for aerial style. Some huge waves at jaws followed by some of the sickest inversions we’ve ever seen starting around 3:25..


Check out his latest below!

Song: Devils Whisperer by Raury

Video: Jon Spenser, Dan Norkunas, Miles Kauha’aha’a

Edit: Jon Spenser, Kai Barger


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Follow Kai’s progression on The World Surf League Here and on Twitter Here.